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It aims at promoting women on boards and works on multiple fronts including lobbying for legal and policy reform, implementing trainings around women on boards, gathering data around the current landscape related to women on boards in Lebanon and many other. To read more about the women on boards initiative, click here.

This committee is responsible for recruiting members into LLWB, as well as supporting members’ growth and promotion through securing opportunities and visibility across local and international platforms. This committee is also responsible of holding monthly Join & Grow events for members, during which various topics related to women’s economic empowerment are discussed.

The STEM Committee focuses on the promotion of girls and women in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. The activities falling under this committee’s main responsibilities include Girls Got IT, Girls’ Day, Women in Data Science (WiDs) and the implementation of the CRM.

This committee is responsible for supporting LLWB members’ development by implementing mentorship programs as well as organizing workshops and trainings around various business related topics. REACH mentoring is one of LLWB’s projects falling under the supervision of the skills development committee.

This committee is responsible for overseeing and planning the activities conducted in the various regions including North, Bekaa and Shouf. Within this process, the committee is responsible for building partnerships with stakeholders and actors in these regions, as well as developing activities that address the needs in the areas.

The main tasks of this committee include supporting women entrepreneurs getting access to finance for establishing and growing their businesses. Projects falling under this committee include the Lebanese Women Angel Funds (LWAF). ZZZZZ

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